Stefan Seritan

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About Me

I am a theoretical chemistry graduate student pursuing my Ph.D. at Stanford University.

I am passionate about the evolving role of technology in our lives.
I strongly believe that the human-computer interaction revolution provided by virtual/augmented reality and the smarter automated systems built on machine learning can enhance human creativity and productivity.

In my research, I am seeking to make quantum chemistry more accessible to both the general public and new scientists.
I am creating an immersive environment where anyone can interact with molecules in real-time with full quantum mechanically accuracy. My other work is focused on building a cloud-based distributed framework (built on Docker and Kubernetes) for GPU-accelerated electronic structure.

Outside of work, I am an avid reader, rock climber, gamer, and tech enthusiast.

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Recent Publications

Large Scale Electron Correlation Calculations: Rank-Reduced Full Configuration Interaction

Fales, B.S; Seritan, S.; Settje, N.F.; Levine, B.G.; Koch, H.; Martinez, T.J.

Older Publications